DIY Jewelry Display Branch


Tree branch about 60cm
Gold spray paint
Gold beading wire
Hammer & nails

1. Start by hammering the nails into the branch - as many as you like. This is what you will hand your necklaces on. 
Make sure they all point the same way and don't hammer them all the way in!

2. Spray the branch a couple of times with the gold spray paint. 
You could also try this in white for a more beachy/rustic/french provicial kind of look.

3. Wrap the gold beading wire around over and over again covering the whole branch. Reinforce the nails by twisting around each one a few times as you go along. It's easiest to do this if you actually twist the branch instead of trying to wrap it the wire around (saves you from getting tangled).

4. Tie the string to either end of the branch, measuring your hanging length before securing.

5. Hang on a hook or nail to check that it all sits the right way, then you can hang your jewelry!
(I think this would look best on a dodgy nail in the wall - giving it a really rustic look. My walls are cement so I don't have the choice!)

 And there you go! A beautiful and easy way to display all your untangled jewelry :)
Would love to know if you get around to making one xx


  1. Great Idea! I have so many necklaces tangled up in a cabinet. :). I will put a photo on your Facebook page when I do it :). Xxx.

  2. Amazing DIY love the end result!

  3. great idea!
    love it :)

  4. I absolutely love the idea and I'm loking forward doing this diy too! :)

  5. It looks really nice! LOve your jewelry <3

  6. great idea:)
    it looks so nice...<3

  7. beautiful. I love the idea, love the form, love the style. Brilliant and simple.

  8. I support DIY ideas from the bottom of my heart!
    And I love nature so me will do Jewelry Display Branch myself :)

    Greetings from Poland!

  9. I LOVE this idea i will do it this week it will go perfectly in my new bare apartment i had no idea what i was going to do with my jewellery. thank you! xx

  10. love the idea, i think i'll try it out! maybe with some white spray paint (= great tutorial x

  11. what an excellent diy! you could pick a branch with other little branches coming off it to use instead of the nails, too.

  12. Excellent idea, I have to try this out!

  13. Lovely! Really like it and need one!

  14. This is such a cool idea. My wife has been into making jewelry made from tires and this would be a great display idea to show it off.

  15. This DIY jewelry rack of yours is probably one of the easiest and cheapest out there, and it fits perfectly with a rustic/nature themed interior décor and jewelry. I'm just concened with the type of wood. Some branches break easily, while others tend to be sturdy. Maybe a bit of research on the wood type is in order. If you want to spice this up a bit, you could paint he whole wood gold or add other design ideas like gluing on smaller twigs to make it look even more nature inspired.

    Leslie Garcia @

  16. I love this! i'm thinking of doing it for my mom on Mother's Day (she has a ton of jewelry and never know how to sort it out) and i'd like to add a ribbon instead of the string that you put but i have no idea what colors would work best with the gold branch, any advice?

  17. I used this DIY and your pictures on my new blog,, I linked this exact page and your home page and said all credit to. If you have a problem with me using your DIY please let me know by commenting on that blog post.
    Thank you,

  18. I am totally making this ASAP


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  21. Totally loved your idea! Borrowed your idea on a piece of driftwood my husband brought me from the east coast. You can check it out here: Thanks for the inspiration!


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